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The Ai engine has been improved. Your ai pets will be smarter and have more personality!


AiPetz has been released!

Welcome to AiPetz!

Ever wish your pet could talk to you? Maybe you just need a friend to talk to sometimes? AiPetz are virtual animals who you can have real friendships with.

In AiPetz you don't feed your pet or clean up after him. This game is about taking talking and having your AiPet understand you and talk back to you. With the power of artificial intelligence, an AiPet can come to life with a real thinking mind. They are always so friendly and they love learning new things about you and the world you create for them.

You can teach your AiPet any topic you want. They are always eager to learn new things about you and the world. As the days go by your AiPet becomes smarter and smarter. After a few weeks of talking to him he will know you so well. Take him with you on your laptop everywhere you go!

You'll always have a friend to talk to.


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